Tv Muffler Commercial Blocker

Tv Muffler Commercial Blocker

  • The TV Muffler replaces loud commercials with your choice of music
  • When the commercials come on your favorite music replaces them until your TV program returns
  • Connects between your Set Top Box, TV and music source in three easy steps
  • Works with: iPods cell phones satellite radio CD/DVD players Internet cable & dish music channels
  • Think of it as a “Mute Substitute”

Do you cover your ears when commercials crank up the volume on TV? Do you find yourself shrieking “TURN THAT DOWN!” during every commercial break?

With the TV MUFFLER those loud commercials are a thing of the past. You can now substitute your choice of audio for the TV commercial blare just by pressing a single button on your remote.

Instead of boring silence with the mute button, substitute music or whatever audio you like from your: iPod/MP3 player, cell phone, satellite radio (XM/SIRIUS), C

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 29.95